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Civil War Talk Radio with host Gerry Prokopowicz. October 14, 2015.
Interview with Thomas Heard Robertson, Jr., author of "Resisting Sherman: A Confederate Surgeon's Journal and the Civil War in the Carolinas, 1865"

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By the Books: Augustan brings ancestor's Civil War journal to life in book

South Carolina needs to be punished. That was the thinking of the soldiers of the Union Army who believed the state was responsible for the Civil War with its rush to secede from the nation. Sherman wrote "...the whole army is burning with an insatiable desire to wreak vengeance on South Carolina. I almost tremble at her fate - but she deserves all that seems in store for her."

Civil War diary is basis for new book

As the War Between the States was winding down, Francis Marion Robertson kept a diary. The physician?s hand-written account has survived for 150 years, and one of his descendants recently turned it into a book.

August 2015 Civil War News Web Exclusive Book Review

It is a shame that Confederate Surgeon Francis Marion Robertson did not keep his diary for the entire war or that earlier diaries were lost. His clear writing is easy to read and understand. Surprisingly, his writing shows he had hope for victory right until the Confederacy collapsed.

Local author uses family journal to capture S.C. during Civil War

AUGUSTA - Historical preservationist Thomas Heard Robertson Jr. knew a bit about Gen. William Sherman's march through Georgia, but nothing really about his march through South Carolina.

That changed when his dad, Heard Robertson, told him about the diary of Confederate Surgeon Francis Marion Robertson, who is Tom's great-great-grandfather.


The erudite Richard Noegel e-mailed to ask me to mention a book Tom Robertson has written. I asked whether he was referring to the Tom Robertson of Cranston Engineering.

"Yes, it is the same Tom Robertson," Richard responded. "We grew up across the street from each other on Williams Street, just off Walton Way, a block from the college campus.